29 novembro 2011

1º Contato com a Host Family

Como disse no post anterior, ontem (28/11/2011) enviei meu primeiro email para o Jim e a Sharon.
Subject: Hi new parents!

"Hello, dear family! Thank you for choosing me!

How are you?

Sorry, but I have to use a translator because I have difficulty with english.

I was very happy when my mother told me today, 28/11/2011, my host family had sent an email... I'm was anxious. I loved meeting you and everyone loved it!

I love children, as Jarrod and Maxine, also animals. I want you to teach me to play rugby and cricket, to play with anyone out there!

There are less than two months for me to leave for South Africa ..I am counting the days.

Do you have Skype, facebook or messenger? I want to talk more!

In the coming days I want to call his family, but I can't speak english very much ... but I Spanish classes in Brazil!

Hugs and until the next contact."

Hoje, 29/11/2011 às 13:10hr, abri minha caixa de entrada e lá estava! A resposta do email havia chego... estava aflito por conta da espera. Foi Sharon quem me respondeu:

"Hi there Gus!

We are so excited to meet you. And Jarrod cant wait no more.

Yes we will have lots of fun. We are busy preparing your room, and trying to make it as homely as possible.

Please let us now if there is anything in particular your need, like eating wise, etc.

We have a good couple of birthday parties coming up when you get here, so that you can also meet the whole family.

You don’t have to worry about your English, im sure we will get on just fine.

Counting down the days too, so please feel free to find us on facebook, My email address for facebook is
sharonh1110@hotmail.com, and jim’s is jimb72@hotmail.com.

And unfortunately we do not have skype, but we are getting the internet orted for at home.

Chat soon, and don’t hesitate to mail us if you need to know anything.

Chiao for now." 
Estarei enviando mais emails nos próximos dias...me emocionei!

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